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Conservation Photographer/Filmmaker

Nikon Ambassador

Associate Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers


Photo by Jen Waicukauski

Goal for Bolivian Pollinator Project

 I am looking for publications that want to help this story get a bigger reach. I would love to join with partners and sponsors so I can continue documenting this project of rewilding Bolivia through pollinators and sustainable native bee keeping.

This story is relevant now because it has a sustainable approach to the rapidly declining insect population, as well as the native bee crisis (caused by the inflex of honeybee's competition for resources).  It also helps protect the forest by working with communities to protect its pollinators.  It highlights working together with communities to teach and learn, all about living in harmony with nature.

In August, Rupa plans on visiting multiple rural communities in Bolivia to teach them how harvest the honey of native bees in hopes to create more harmony between humans and bees.  I plan on joining. 


Collaboration is the key to ultimately saving the natural forests,

one pollinator at a time. 


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